Glenn Fajardo

Chief Learning Officer Lecturer at Stanford | Former Director of Co-Design Practice
@ TechSoup

Chris Bennett

Learning and Engagement Specialist Affiliate at Stanford University Graduate School of Education | Game Designer

Bob Regan

Senior Director of Education at Gates Ventures | Former Pearson and Adobe Product Developer

Esther Wojcicki

The Godmother of Silicon Valley | A leading American educator, journalist, and mother | Leader in Blending Learning

Vinicius David

CEO and Founder @ VDX AI | Silicon Valley Executive | Educator at UC Berkeley

Michael Volker

Managing Partner WUTIF (Western Universities Technology Innovation Fund)

Lisa Zhang

Acquisition Partner – Technology | Education (DMA and IHI), Online Marketing (Dentsu), and Finance (Alibaba)

Kenton Low

Vice President Metrie | VP Disney | President Universal Studios Online

John Bell

Board Member Diplomat and Federal Negotiator for BC First Nations